A day in the life of a camera

Okay, okay, it’s actually more like 2 months in the life of the camera, but I strung selected images together for site M08, Season 4, “roll 2.”

It’s actually pretty cool. It amazes me just how much information we get on even a single camera. We can see the migration moving through, the grass greening up, and even a spat between lions and hyenas!

My next task will be to string *all* of the images together for the season, but there are >2,000 of them, which my little computer couldn’t quite handle just yet.


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About ali swanson

I'm an ecologist studying how large carnivores coexist. I spend way too much of my time trying to stop hyenas and elephants from munching my camera traps!

2 responses to “A day in the life of a camera”

  1. Margaret Kosmala says :

    Cool time series! What program did you use to put those together?

    • ali swanson says :

      I actually strung them together with iMovie (which comes with Mac OS). I don’t know the first thing about iMovie, but managed to get these photos strung together okay…(it said it would take 5 hours to string together all 2,200 images, and that’s when I gave up for the night!)

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