Just where are we, anyway?

If you’ve been clicking through our new “extended survey” season, you might have noticed some new critters — particularly lots of cattle, sheep, goats, even donkeys! This is because the extended survey reaches much farther north, west, south, and east than the long-term camera study area. You can see all of Tom’s and Michael’s cameras on the map below in the black and gray circles. Two sites are at the edge of the park, where we might expect to see  the occasional pastoralist passing by  (even if they’re not supposed to) — and one site is *all* the way down deep in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where pastoralists live permanently.  If you see any livestock in the images, go ahead and mark them as “cattle” — we’ll be able to figure it out from there!



About ali swanson

I'm an ecologist studying how large carnivores coexist. I spend way too much of my time trying to stop hyenas and elephants from munching my camera traps!

One response to “Just where are we, anyway?”

  1. Lakshmi Krishnan says :

    Hi Ali,
    Thank you for your conservation work! I have a question/request for you
    1. Can the photo sizes be made larger? To occupy a large proportion of the screen?
    2. More importantly, I would be far more efficient if you moved the “Finish” “Next capture”, “Fire”, “No animals present” button to below the rest of the identification related ones on the right. Currently, I lose about 10-20 second every single I move from one picture to another. (AND it is annoying :).
    3. My friend asked if you have a phone app? I prefer doing this on my laptop but your takeup might be higher on a phone.
    Thanks again!

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