South Africa, here I come! (cont’d)

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I’d received NSF funding to carry out some research in South Africa.

Well, today, I leave to go do that!

I’m still frantically trying to finish up my dissertation, so this trip is only marginally prepared. I have tickets. I’ve started packing (still have 2 hours before heading to the airport, so I’d say I’m in good shape). I have a note to myself to *remember my computer charger*…

I’m excited (whoo! never been to South Africa!). I’m eager (I LOVE trans-atlantic flights because I get to watch movies for 20 hours straight and disappear into this weird twilight zone where time seems to stand still). I’m stressed (So much to do! Still haven’t finished my 3rd dissertation chapter so will need to work on the plane instead of watching all those crappy movies, darn). Sitting in my living room, surrounded by ziplock bags of socks and underwear, quick-dry field pants, power cords and extra batteries, I feel not-quite-ready for this new adventure — but I know it is going to be amazing and full of discovery nonetheless.

So with that, South Africa, here I come!




About ali swanson

I'm an ecologist studying how large carnivores coexist. I spend way too much of my time trying to stop hyenas and elephants from munching my camera traps!

2 responses to “South Africa, here I come! (cont’d)”

  1. Darlene Cook says :

    How exciting for you!!! Hope you have a great trip and a memorable experience! I look forward to reading your blogs and viewing your posts.

  2. David Bygott says :

    Hope you are having a good time in that very different Africa!
    Which of the SS scientists is currently available to answer q’s related to the forum? Is anybody home “minding the store”? Sometimes things arise which we mods can’t answer, and we don’t know whom to nudge for an answer.
    We’re heading for TZ ourselves soon, will be there most of July for NGE safaris.

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