Get your dead camera, right here!

Remember all the photographs like these?

Hyena tooth...

Hyena tooth…


Elephant trunk…

Well, those cameras didn’t survive…

Own this!

Own this!

And have been up on Indiegogo as one of our “high-end” perks. Well, as we’re down to the wire with 4 days left to raise nearly $15,000, we’re offering dead cameras for a $288 donation.  So please tell anyone you think might want some hyena-munched plastic gracing their curio cabinet. It’s pretty cool, and comes with a classic “last picture this camera ever took” photo.

(Don’t worry, if you’ve donated already but really really really want this camera, you can add to your existing donation. And of course, if you’ve already donated more, you’ll get a camera sent straight to your doorstep as well.)

Thank you once again for your dedication to Snapshot Serengeti – for your hard work in classifying photos and for all of your support since we launched the fundraising campaign. We’ve raised enough to get us through almost to November — which is huge. Not only do all of us on the Snapshot team really love what we’re doing (though ask me again next time I’m digging myself out of an aardvark hole), but we also really believe that the scientific knowledge you’re helping us produce with this project is incredibly important – both for general ecology and for ultimately better conserving the Serengeti.  So, thank you. And fingers crossed that we’ll be able to keep on bringing the Serengeti to you for months and years to come.


About ali swanson

I'm an ecologist studying how large carnivores coexist. I spend way too much of my time trying to stop hyenas and elephants from munching my camera traps!

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