Fave photos?

Calling all camera trap captures!

BBC’s annual camera-trap ‘photo of the year’ contest is drawing a close – and we’re pretty sure Snapshot Serengeti has some winners. So we’re asking for your help to find them!

The contest has three relevant categories:

  • Animal Portraits Images taken during the course of research that capture the character or spirit of the animal
  • Animal Behaviour Images captured during the course of research that show interesting or unusual behaviour.
  • New Discoveries Images that show something new to science, such as a species never before photographed in the wild or outside its known range, or behaviour never before recorded. The caption must make clear what the discovery is.

We can submit up to 12 photos across these three categories. Long-time Snapshot Serengeti moderator lucycawte has already pinpointed a couple of fantastic photos:

…but we’d like your help to find some more!

So send us the subject ID’s or urls of your all-time favorite Snapshot Serengeti pics (via comments here). One of them just might wind up front and center in the next issue of BBC Wildlife or make Snapshot Serengeti the proud winner of a monetary prize to keep the cameras clicking.

And speaking of Snapshot Serengeti funding, I wanted to take a minute to say thank you all who have supported our Save Snapshot Serengeti campaign so far. Yesterday we passed our 20% mark, and we’re marching forward! For everyone out there who loves looking at these incredible photos, please take a look at our campaign — we have some really fun perks that you might enjoy. And whether or not you’re able to make a donation, please help us spread news of the campaign by sharing our link: igg.me/at/serengeti — the more people we reach, the better our chances of bringing you these photos for years to come. Thank you for your support, your effort, and for being as addicted to Snapshot Serengeti as we are!


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About ali swanson

I'm an ecologist studying how large carnivores coexist. I spend way too much of my time trying to stop hyenas and elephants from munching my camera traps!

17 responses to “Fave photos?”

  1. Aradia Farmer says :

    ASG000n5yc is a cute picture of a wildebeest scratching its head.

  2. Aradia Farmer says :

    ASG000ocrx is a nicely framed picture of an elephant

  3. Tom says :

    this is a jackal looking happy http://talk.snapshotserengeti.org/#/subjects/ASG0010my8 but this is a better closeup of something cute!: http://talk.snapshotserengeti.org/#/subjects/ASG000olbi

  4. Turner Glynn says :

    ASG000tu71 Awesome close up of a zebra’s eye.

  5. Veegee says :

    Image ASG000n293 is a really nice photo of a herd of elephants

  6. wildebeesty says :

    I think these are nice: http:/talk.snapshotserengeti.org/#/subjects/ASG000cc0w http:/talk.snapshotserengeti.org/#/subjects/ASG000qclg http:/talk.snapshotserengeti.org/#/subjects/ASG000swxt

  7. telophase says :

    WordPress seems to think I”m a spammer when I submit links, so I just put mine into a collection: http://talk.snapshotserengeti.org/#/collections/CSGS000729

  8. Tom says :

    photo of elephant straight down it’s throat! http://talk.snapshotserengeti.org/#/subjects/ASG000rtah

  9. GB (@gblink101) says :

    I have always wondered, what happens to the photos that come out so well. I sorted my finds that have the best photographic value as well into collection of BestPhotos of gblink at URL http://talk.snapshotserengeti.org/#/collections/CSGS00075q

  10. Wendy Ravenel says :

    BEHAVIOR: Young waterbuck pair sparring. Frames 2 & 3 are the best shots: http://talk.snapshotserengeti.org/#/subjects/ASG000q0rg

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