Mom’s Visit

After living here for the last three years, I’ve finally dragged my mother into the bush. At 69 years old, I don’t think she is thrilled about our seatless (squatting required) outhouse, or the fact that she can’t blow dry her hair, but she’s been a good sport about everything so far – from layers of dust that covered all of her luggage to the relentless rattle of my noisy Land Rover.



Arusha was harrowing (to be fair, it is hard to remember to look the “wrong way” when crossing the street)

P1020164 P1020288

but I can’t complain, as pretty much all we’ve done since she got here is eat AWESOME food. And you all know how I feel about food.

Food. Caught in the act at Ethiopian.

Food. Caught in the act at Ethiopian.

Grocery shopping was a little less fun than eating out…


Dagaa at the market. One of the few things (alongside marmite) that I *do not* eat.


Grocery shopping.

But we broke the trip from Arusha to Serengeti into 2 days, and got to stay at the super fancy Serena Manyara along the way.


Mom & me at Serena Manyara. I’m thinking about food…


 And we got a personal welcome into the park…


I’m just glad my mom is here, squat-choo or not. More pictures to come!



About ali swanson

I'm an ecologist studying how large carnivores coexist. I spend way too much of my time trying to stop hyenas and elephants from munching my camera traps!

One response to “Mom’s Visit”

  1. Jesper Thomsen says :

    Thank You, for sharing Your snapshots.. I am very thankful.. You says you have lived in Serengeti/Tanzania for three years. What have You been working with?
    Do you have a work for me?

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