Picture Worth A Thousand Words?

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The saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words but here we have a picture that doesn’t tell us enough.

What happened here? We see a beautiful male lion strolling through the Serengeti but he has quite a gash on his back. Other wise he looks unharmed and he has a full looking belly so what do you think? A fight, a hunting injury, miss judged a low branch?

This picture leaves us hanging and is a few words short of the sentence. What’s your thoughts?


About lucy Hughes

I am a moderator on Snapshot Serengeti, you will see me post as lucycawte. In my spare time I am studying an MSc in Wildlife biology and conservation. After living on a nature reserve in Southern Africa for several years my passion for all things wild is well and truly fired!

2 responses to “Picture Worth A Thousand Words?”

  1. berlherm says :

    I brightened the image and enlarged it to the maximum, it looks like an injury.

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