Dive into Season 9


We promise that this one was worth the wait – hot-off-the-press Season 9 is one of our largest seasons yet, with over a million images (okay, okay, 300,000 some-odd “capture events”) to explore from our last year in the field! Head on over to www.snaphshotserengeti.org to join the search!

As we move through this new season, we’ll be updating regularly to share results that are emerging from our recent analyses, describe the brand new teaching tools we’re developing using this data to introduce young scientists to the world of research, and let you meet some of the branch new faces joining the Snapshot Serengeti team. Don’t forget to ask questions, post cool and unique pictures, and follow us on Facebook and through our Zooniverse discussion boards!

Thank you again for all of your effort in looking through these photos — this project wouldn’t be possible without you.


8 responses to “Dive into Season 9”

  1. SL Voyles says :

    I got the email saying season 9 was in, but the home page still says the data set is finished, how do we access the new data?

  2. meredithspalmer says :

    Zooniverse put through a fix yesterday, so if you clear your cache, you should now be able to access the new season. Let us know if you’re still having problems!

  3. Art says :

    Also, is it possible to identify animals at night by their eyeglow colour?

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