Help us find animal selfies!

We’re partnering with National Geographic to put together a photo book of animal selfies from Snapshot Serengeti. We’ve got some selfies already from the first seven seasons, but because no one has looked through Season 8 yet, we don’t know what great selfies might be in there.

You can help! If you find an animal selfie, please tag it as #selfie in Talk. (Click the ‘Discuss’ button after you’ve classified the image and then enter #selfie below the image on the Talk page. You can get back to classifying using the button in the upper right.)

All proceeds from book sales will go to supporting Snapshot Serengeti. We’re planning for a fall 2016 publication date, so it will be a while. But we’re excited to get working on it.



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About Margaret Kosmala

I am an ecologist exploring the complex dynamics of plant and animal systems. I am especially interested in understanding how species communities change over time and how humans impact them.

11 responses to “Help us find animal selfies!”

  1. Frank Ermes says :

    Just a comment on the way the pics are displayed. It’d be better if the pic presented would default to the larger image rather than the smaller one. Also, in cases where there is only 1 pic, once you click “Finish”, it expands to a larger image which often displays a previously unidentifiable animal. But you can no longer go back and identify it! A “Go Back” option would be helpful.

    • Margaret Kosmala says :

      Thanks, Frank. I haven’t seen the picture change size — all the images, in fact, should be the same size. Can you tell me which browser you’re using? I’m going to send this issue on to our developers. If you can get some screen shots, that would also be useful.

      • Frank Ermes says :

        Hi Margaret – I’m using Safari 5.1 (which seems appropriate for this task!) How do I attach screen shots? Is there an email address I can send them to? I’m not on Twitter or Facespace.

      • Barbara says :

        with windows 8 I can enlarge the shot on the screen. Very helpful for counts or clarification of what animal is a distance off. It will remain large unless I have moved on to another board for a while.

    • Margaret Kosmala says :

      You can email me screenshots. My email address is on this webpage:

  2. Art says :

    Oh…I found this season’s problem. You can’t tag pangolins.

    • Margaret Kosmala says :

      You are so right. I came up with a list of five animals to add: duiker, steenbok, cattle, insect/spider, bat. And we wanted a sixth one to make the animal list all nice and even. Eventually we came up with vulture as a nice extra bird to keep track of. But then, two days before launch, I suddenly remembered ‘pangolin’! Unfortunately, it would have delayed us at least another week to go back and replace vulture with pangolin. So we just decided to get Season 8 out. Maybe we’ll add it for Season 9.

      Did you find a pangolin?!?

      • Art says :

        No so but seeing through broken search, there have been several cases where pangolins have been found.

  3. momandpop71 says :

    is there anyway to get a sneak peak at some of the selfies everyone is finding

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