Mystery Animal

I’ve been slogging through some field data today, when this mysterious critter crawled across my screen. These are the only shots we got – check out those zebra-stripey tube socks in the first image and the strange feathery texture. Who here knows what we snapped a pic of?

IMAG3392 IMAG3393 IMAG3394



13 responses to “Mystery Animal”

  1. leeece2014 says :

    A researcher in a cool jumper and stripey socks? Or is it a vulture eating a zebra? Hopefully not a vulture eating a researcher with stripey socks?!

  2. Pat says :

    The mystery animals animals are always fun. Turtle? Pangolin? Not quite!

  3. billgbill says :

    well, it looks complicated. The first picture shows what looks like the head of a hyena clamped on to a dead zebra. The vertical stripy thing is the wing of a vulture, seen from the back, in all three photos. A great photo sequence!

  4. Robin says :

    The only thing I can think of besides the vulture/zebra interaction would be an EXTREME close up of a snake sliding over part of the camera equipment. The belly scutes could look like feathers from the right angle.

  5. Mike Collins says :

    Could this be a crocodile eating one of the legs of a Zebra

  6. Curtis + Diedelinde says :

    We believe it is a hyena eating a dead zebra and a vulture joining in.

  7. Barbara Roggeveen says :

    Looks like a vulture. I think the stripe that look like a zebra leg are actually folds in the neck of the vulture with the light hitting it interestingly.

  8. JazHaz says :

    I wondered if it could be an extreme closeup of a slug?

  9. Katie Gartside says :

    At first I thought it may be a snake with the stripes being a rib cage of a meal, but now think it’s a bird and the ‘ribs’ are the opposit wing – showing the underside of the feathers!?

  10. Fhydra says :

    Ah, no one guessed okapi yet? 🙂

  11. Fhydra says :

    No one guessed okapi I see, until now 🙂

  12. pmetcalfe2014 says :

    It definitely looks like a zebra being devoured by something like a Hyena (1st photo) and perhaps a vulture (the wing in all photo’s).

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