See where other Snapshotters are

The Zooniverse has just launched Zooniverse Live, which puts pinpoints up on a world map when anyone classifies an image in Snapshot Serengeti (or any other Zooniverse project). We’ve got the yellow dots. The site uses your IP address to locate your general vicinity, which works pretty well, but sometimes your internet traffic is routed in surprising ways. For example, Zooniverse Live seems to think I’m in Fountain Hills, Arizona, rather than in northern Virginia. Give it a try: classify an image on Snapshot Serengeti and then watch (quickly!) as your image scrolls up along the side of the page on Zooniverse Live. Did it get your location right?


About Margaret Kosmala

I am an ecologist exploring the complex dynamics of plant and animal systems. I am especially interested in understanding how species communities change over time and how humans impact them.

3 responses to “See where other Snapshotters are”

  1. B Roggeveen says :

    See where other Snapshotters are is a bit of a time waster but interesting.

    At the moment I am using satellite internet and popping up in various locations in the US – and it lists me as US rather than a specific location. It will be interesting if I log in at a library to see where I am located. Or when vacation is over and I am settled back near the city.
    Will this give you the ability to track the specific number of hits and classifications per login and time spent per photo? Not sure what the value is to this but am curiouos

    • Margaret Kosmala says :

      We track the total number of classification each person does. You can see your own number here:

      And we record a time stamp each time a photo is classified. So, in theory, we could calculate the difference between successive classifications to get a time spent per photo. (At least for most photos. If you took a break to use the bathroom, for example, we might erroneously think that that photo was particularly hard because it took so long to classify!)

  2. Aowlan Crystal says :

    No where near…. Its saying I’m in Stockport in Greater Manchester UK, I’m actually nearly 135miles south of there!! There is some other tracker, that is a rotating globe, that gets my location spot on! So zooniverse one is not quite right, so must be down to where I’m being routed too.
    Interesting though.

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