4 responses to “IMG_5470”

  1. Eva says :

    I think this is a nest of a potter wasp. Not sure about the exact genus though…

    • ali swanson says :

      Ah! good thing they weren’t home when I checked the camera!

      • Eva says :

        I don´t think potter wasps are very dangerous (at least European kinds, I´m not sure about the African ones…). Anyway the adult wasps don´t actually live there, only the larvae. And their supply of fresh food – caterpillars or spiders, paralysed by the mother´s sting, unable to move but still alive…

  2. Brad C. Jones says :

    Somebody beat me to it. My first thought was some kind of wasp and those are generally made to put an egg inside, often with a catapiller or other insect for the larvae to eat when it hatches. The ones I see are by mud daubers and are more domelike as they are mud stuck to the house or whatever location. Often they look like one or more tubules stuck side by side and the adult departs thru the end.

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